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Our primary area of expertise is on providing large and mid-sized businesses with financial business process outsourcing.

Account Payables | Account Receivables | Order Management | Reconciliation | Payment Disbursal | Month End Closure Activities


Social Media Marketing

We offer full humanized social marketing service to help your company in building an unique brand that resonate with your audience.

We manage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Discuss your social media needs with our experts to find the best solution for your company.

24/7 Customer Support & Pre-Sales

Smart talks not only help businesses expand, but they also create a lasting effect on consumers, many of whom end up becoming lifelong clients.

Via phone, email, & chat, we offer efficient customer interactions & help you in generating sales-qualified leads to give an impressive ROI within months.

Why pick
Pro Desk for
your growth.

Bringing the power of collaboration to your business

ProDesk's objective is to contribute to our clients' success and so develop and grow alongside them. To accomplish this purpose, we follow a strategy of giving our clients nothing less than our undivided attention.

​We are always working to be a place where our leading experts can actively contribute to the success of our clients. And because it broadens our outlook and accelerates our mission, we recognize diverse talents worldwide.


Arthur Lee

Combat Cybersecurity Threats
ProDesk feels like part of our team

I love the simplicity of the interface. The implementation was done in just a couple of minutes and the project manager was with us throughout the onboarding helping each step of the way. Their live chat platform connects with my website customers in real-time and allows their team to support 24/7 realtime with real people. This is simply amazing. This helped streamline our lead gathering shortended the sales process.I was amazed to see the detailed reporting & insights that was sent to  me with periodic stats and metrics. Simply a world-class team.


Sienna Martin

Heading 6
Health Care LA 
Great in every aspect - Great Folks, Result-Driven

We are one of the early adopters of this service and we are seeing great results from it. The team understands that dealing with a customer support ticketing system requires easy to understand and robust automation and scalable management solutions. The customer support team isn't afraid to get into the fine details of its implementation. Its simple to integrate and has all the necessary features we need. It offers instant communication to our existing customers and potential leads. What I like the most is the detailed reporting and analytics. They are always on our website to answer questions or create tickets whenever a user has a query.


Tyler Anderson

Emerald Health Services
Heading 6
It pays for itself

What I like the most about ProDesk is that our site visitors and existing customers can engage INSTANTLY with a real person when they land on our website. The questions are answered straight away, which often leads the prospect to becoming a paid's money in the bank, and provides wonderful customer service.

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